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Articles of association of "DEMIRA Deutsche Minenräumer e.V."

§ 1 Name and Registered Office

The association shall have the name "DEMIRA Deutsche Minenräumer"; Registered Office of the association shall be in Munich. It shall be entered into the Register of Associations.

§ 2 Objectives of the Association

The association shall pursue exclusively and directly publicly-spirited purposes in the sense of the section "tax-privileged purposes'' of the tax code for the promotion of development aid.

The purpose of these regulations shall be achieved in particular through:

(1) The detection, recovery, and destruction of unexploded ordnance such as landmines, ammunition, and bombs, as well as medical care for such projects and their associated projects.

(2) Medical attention to afflicted populations in former war zones, in particular the rehabilitation  of landmine victims.

(3) The improvement of general living conditions for the populations in former war zones.

The association shall act in a disinterested manner and not pursue any purposes for its own profit. The financial means of the association may only be used for the purposes laid down in the regulations. Members shall not receive any benefits from the association's funds. No person may benefit from expenditures which are contrary to the purpose of the association, or from inappropriately high remuneration.

§ 3 Membership

Any natural person of adult age may become a member. Admission shall be applied for in a written form. Admission will be determined by the Board of Management. Reasons for refusal shall be stated to the applicant.

There shall be two types of membership: active and passive membership.

(1) Active Members

Active members shall undertake to participate actively throughout the year in line with the purposes of the association. They shall as a rule not pay any financial contributions. The Board of Management may be elected only from these members.

(2) Passive Members

Passive members shall express their inclusion in the association through a monthly financial contribution, whose amount shall be determined by adoption of this statute by the annual general meeting.

§ 4 Contributions by Passive Members

The amount of the monthly financial contribution from passive members shall be decided by the members' general meeting with a simple majority from those present.

§ 5 Termination of Membership

Membership shall terminate upon resignation, expulsion or death. Resignation must be given in written form. Expulsion by the managing committee may be declared where there is found to be a violation of regulations or behaviour which is damaging to the association.

§ 6 Organs of the Association

Organs of the association shall be the Annual General Meeting and the Board of Management.

§ 7 Management Board

The legal Board of Management, in accordance with § 26 BGB (German Civil Code), shall consist of the first chairman and the second chairman. Should only one person stand for election to the legal Board of Management, it may also consist of only one chairman. The Board of Management shall represent the association in and out of court. Each member of the Board of Management shall be individually representative.

§ 8 Members' Meeting

The Members' Meeting shall be convened in writing for all members (active, passive) by the Board of Management at least once yearly. The invitation must be sent at least two weeks in advance. Purpose of the Members' Meeting shall be to determine the general direction of the association's activities and to elect, or confirm in office, the Board of Management, and in addition, to relieve the treasurer. All votes shall be passed by simple majority of those present. A record shall be kept of the meeting, to be signed by the chairman and secretary of the meeting. A special meeting of only active members for the purpose of a specific action shall be permitted.

§ 9 Relief Operations

Relief operations in line with the association's purposes shall be organised by the Board of Management. Members shall obtain reports thereof biannually.

§ 10 Amendments to the Articles and Dissolution of the Association

Amendments to the articles or dissolution of the association must be decided upon by a two-thirds majority of the members. Should two-thirds of the members not be present during a first general meeting, a new general meeting shall be called in which a simple majority of those present shall be sufficient. Upon dissolution of the association or the cessation of its existing purpose, the association's assets shall pass to a corporation under public law, or to an other tax-privileged corporation, for use as development aid to Africa. The decision for this shall be valid through a simple majority of the members present.