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Territory: 801,590 km²

Population: 27.7 million

Estimated contaminated area: 5.38 km²

Mine situation in Mozambique

During the civil war in Mozambique (1977-1992) between the FRELIMO government and the RENAMO resistance movement, around 800,000 to 1 million landmines were laid. About 900,000 people died as a result of the fighting and the famine, and more than 5 million were displaced.

Today the country is still affected by the consequences of the war, especially by the presence of minefields. The government of Mozambique estimates that 10,900 people have been maimed or killed in mine accidents. Mozambique has, however, made considerable improvements on its mine situation. A total of 111 districts out of 128 have been declared mine-free and the government plans to clear the remaining 5.38 km² of contaminated land as soon as possible.

DEMIRA in Mozambique

DEMIRA began carrying out demining projects in Mozambique in 1996 with focus on clearing land and training locals as qualified deminers. All of the land that DEMIRA cleared was officially accredited as mine-free land and was returned to the people.

These efforts allowed many refugees to return home and subsequently, it made an important contribution towards a sustainable peace.