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Territory: 676,578 km2

Population: 54.4 million

Estimated contaminated area: unknown

Floods in Myanmar

Due to heavy rainfalls at the end of July wide areas of southern Asia, especially in Myanmar, were flooded. According to official estimates about 1.3 million people are affected; over 400,000 of them are dependent on food supplies. Due to the extent of destruction, the State of Rakhine was declared disaster area.

DEMIRA in Myanmar

In order to assist the people in the disaster area, DEMIRA is involved in providing food, drinking water, water treatment chemicals and medical aid.

The focus of our work is medical assistance. Through a mobile medical team, consisting of experts from Germany, we provide the necessary medical care for the population in the remote areas of Rakhine. We also support the local medical facilities by German doctors and nurses, to train their colleagues in Myanmar. In addition to the acute emergency relief, we sustainably help to improve the medical situation in Myanmar.