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Territory: 824,116 km²

Population: 2.11 million

Estimated contaminated area: unknown

Mine situation in Namibia

There is a lot of uncertainty on the mine situation in Namibia. During the civil war in Angola, the land near the border of Namibia was contaminated with an unknown number of landmines. Several mine clearance projects were completed and Namibia declared itself mine-free in 2001. These declarations have been disputed, however, as there are indications that Namibia remains a mine contaminated country. Since 1999, 618 casualties have been recorded as a result of a mine or explosive remnants of war (ERW) related accident. No mine casualties have been recorded since 2005, and the number of ERW casualties has significantly decreased.

DEMIRA in Namibia

DEMIRA began its demining projects in Namibia in connection with the mine clearance activities at the Angolan-Namibian border in 1996. The projects focused on mine clearance and training of deminers. Since then Namibia became an important base for DEMIRA for the preparation of mine clearance tasks in Angola.