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Territory: 528,076 km²

Population: 25.4 million

Estimated contaminated area: 294 km²

Mine Situation in Yemen

Landmines were laid in Yemen throughout the different conflicts since the North Yemen Civil War in 1962. The recent conflicts, including the Yemeni Revolution, and the ongoing insurgencies have further aggravated the mine problem. In 2014, the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center declared that there were 7.2km² of Confirmed Mined Areas (CMA) and that 132 km² of the Suspected Hazardous Areas (SHA) were indeed contaminated. By the end of 2012, there were 5,785 casualties reported caused by landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW).

Yemen signed the Mine Ban Treaty in 1997 and in 1998 initiated the National Mine Action Committee (NMAC). Due to the unstable situation, Yemen has not been able to clear all mined areas before the initial deadline and has had to apply for two extensions.

DEMIRA in Yemen

In 2013 DEMIRA conducted a fact-finding mission in Yemen on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office to evaluate the performance and capabilities of the Yemeni mine action programme as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of funds Germany spent for local demining activities.