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Types of Mines

Antipersonnel and Anti-Tank Mine

Mines can be distinguished into several categories like the type of the detonator, the way they are laid, their shape or their material. One of the most common discriminations is to divide mines into two categories regarding their target: Antipersonnel Mines (APM) and Anti-Tank Mines (ATM). Sometimes a third category called Anti-Vehicle Mines (AVM) can be found, ranging between the other two types of mines.

Antipersonnel Mines are designed to target enemy soldiers or even civilians. Typical APMs have an explosive charge of about 25 g to 300 g and usually cause amputation injuries to the limbs that were near the mine when it exploded (foot, leg, arm).

Anti-Tank Mines are designed to target vehicles and tanks. They have explosive charges of approximately 2 kg to 10 kg and produce heavy damage to vehicles and their crew.

Landmines can cost as little as $3 to manufacture, and about 50 times that amount to clear.