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FMR 2000 during demining trials in Angola

Project name: HADI FMR 2000

Project type: Angola test trials

Organisations involved: DEMIRA e.V., HADI Maschinenbau GmbH

Project description:

The FMR 2000 is a thirty-six-ton remote controlled mine clearance machine developed and produced by the Austrian HADI Maschinenbau company. The FMR 2000 is remotely-operated and allows demining personnel to clear anti-personnel mines from a distance. The vehicle is based on a self-propelled milling crusher designed particularly for rough or difficult terrain.

The system consists of an armoured, tracked vehicle equipped with a front mounted tilling drum. The tiller rotates clockwise using its milling chisels to detonate or crush AP mines. Video cameras, mounted at the front and rear, broadcast images showing the action in front of and behind the machine. The transmitter is incorporated into a portable control desk and can operate the vehicle from 800m, guaranteeing sufficient safety distance.

The trial in Angola was organised by DEMIRA. The FMR 2000 was tested for its clearance efficiency in a mined area, as well as its mobility on rocky terrain. The tests concluded that the FMR 2000 could clear anti-personnel mines and UXO in rough terrain. It also established that even anti-tank mines up to 7.5kg would not cause serious damage to the vehicle.