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Non-Technical Survey

Before a mine clearance project can begin, a demining team must visit the affected areas in order to carry out an exploration and evaluation.

The first step is to gather all available information on potential minefields and on previous mine accidents from local authorities and local residents. All relevant data is recorded and evaluated.

The second step is choosing which lands take priority, as it is often not possible to demine all the surfaces that have been reported as contaminated. When making this decision, the interests of the local population interest should be pivotal, and thus, the decision should be made in cooperation with local representatives and local authorities. The primary objective is to ensure that populations living in affected areas are safe and can lead a normal life. Residential areas, agricultural lands, school, roads and water sources take precedence.

Once the areas have been determined, all the mined areas that are not suitable for clearance are marked to guarantee a minimum level of security. Once marking is completed, the team can then focus on the areas that have been selected.